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Zest Restaurant

Let Zest enlighten your senses!

Zest Home Dining brings our expertise and experience in modern Mediterranean cuisine to the comfort of your home.

With every meal ordered, you will receive a box with some cooked and some prepared raw ingredients, including specific cooking instructions and/or a recipe. This will allow you to finish the meal at home and ensure the absolute freshest experience. It will show and teach you some cooking techniques and skills and make home cooking easier and more professional.

We do deliveries in Somerset West, Strand and Gordon's Bay only.

Zest Restaurant is a Mediterranean Bistro located in the small coastal town of Gordon’s Bay. Zest serves contemporary Mediterranean cuisine with a twist. It is located on the beach front, which offers spectacular views of False Bay. It is a quaint family owned Restaurant that boasts two qualified Head Chefs. It offers the best dining experience in the Bay, which will even satisfy the hardened critics.

Our stylish menu offers a wide variety, including fresh seafood, poultry, beef, pork, in season vegetables from local gardens and farms, as well as homemade soups, breads and decadent desserts, always presented tastefully.

Let Zest enlighten your senses!

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Step 1 recipe and instructions
Pick your meals
Select recipes each week that you and your family would enjoy. Orders to be placed 48hrs in advance.
Step 2 Mediterranean cuisine
Home Delivery
We deliver all the ingredients you need to cook the recipes, directly to your door.
Step 3 Mediterranean style
Cook and Enjoy
Effortlessly create and plate tasty home made dishes with step by step directions.
Eat what makes
you happy


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